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Quite Simply, Datto.

Here are 5 reasons Finch Computers works with Datto for business continuity/backup

  • 1.  Data recovery is very fast

    Data recovery is very fast. With the traditional backup methods listed above, your data may be recovered, however the process can be very slow and might even take weeks. Datto’s average downtime after a disaster is hours, minutes, or even seconds.

  • 2. Data is secure

    Data is secure. While there are limited options for encrypting data when backing up with traditional methods, AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption from Datto ensures your data is secure and meets industry regulations. In addition to this, a tape or disk could get stolen but off-site backups in Datto are stored in SSAE 16 data centers. This extra measure of security is invaluable.

  • 3.Automation minimizes human error.

     Automation minimizes human error. Tape backups, for example, require quite a bit of manual administration. There is a high risk for human error in this—the Acronis Global DR Index of 2012 reports that 60% of on-site disasters are due to human error. Datto provides a fully automated backup process that requires very little manual management.
    3. Multiple backups a

  • 4. Minimal risk of corrupted backups.

    Minimal risk of corrupted backups. When recovering data, tape failure rates exceed 50%. Datto minimizes the risk of data loss from corrupted backups.

  • 5. Multiple backups are easily created.

    Multiple backups are easily created. It is time consuming and expensive to make multiple copies of backups on disks and tapes or even to have multiple locations in the cloud you have to pay for. With Datto, each backup is saved in multiple locations: local appliance and bi-coastal data centers.

  • Datto partner 

    Finch Computers has been a Datto partner for a few years now and it is the main backup system we use and recommend. Our years of working with this Datto and learning the benefits of it enables us to provide our clients with practical knowledge of what makes sense for their business. We know the system and trust it for backing up our own data.

What Our Clients Say

Finch Computers has always been there when we were in need. He is able to provide us with solutions that make sense and fit into our way of doing business. Roy is your guy for building your IT infrastructure to designing and building your website. Roy has been our service provider for 10 years and I can honestly say that he has never let us down. It is hard to find someone you can trust with your IT infrastructure but I would not hesitate for an instant to recommend Roy Finch, he will not let you down!

Albert Steinbach President of Prairie HVAC/R

YES YES YES! Love my new site. If you want someone who will listen to what you want, get it done fast and professionally…Roy’s “The Guy”. Fantastic to work with, has all the answers and is always available. Roy CAN and WILL do it all for you. I’m very impressed. Thank you Roy for making my life less stressful. You’ll have my recommendation always.

Howard Demke

I have had the pleasure of knowing Roy for the past 10 years. Over the years his technical experience, attention to detail and ability to communicate has translated into client satisfaction. He is an intelligent and highly motivated person with a positive attitude towards work and is always willing to help.

Byron Heide

Supervisor – Asset Management, National Leasing Group Inc.

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