Repair Office

Microsoft Office applications at some time or another will break. Examples include applications in the suite not opening, responding, or error messages. Fortunately, the suite includes tools you can use to fix these types of problems.

Recently, I had an issue with Outlook not launching at all; it just remained stuck on the splash screen. Disabling add-ons did not help either. So, I turned to the next best option which is to repair Office. Microsoft refined the repair options with the Office 365 release (Now referred to as Microsoft 365). Based on Click-to-Run technology that makes it easy to access repair files over the internet, no need to install media.

Repair Microsoft 365

Start by opening Programs and Features in the Control Panel (type control panel in windows search). In Windows 10 you can get there by pulling up the hidden quick access menu.

Once you’re there, select Microsoft 365 in the program list and then Change/Repair on the command bar.

Repair Microsoft 365 install

Now, wait while the repair wizard starts up.

office 365 repair 3

Choose the type of repair you would like to perform. Depending on the severity or availability of your Internet connection, you could try the first option, Quick Repair, which is much faster and tries to fix the problem without a data connection.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then go back and try the Online Repair option. For my particular issue, I ultimately had to use the Online Repair option.

Office 365 Online Repair

The repair process is straightforward following the wizard. Note that you’ll need to save your work and close all Office programs first, and then click Repair.

Office 365 repair 5

Then wait while the repair process runs.

Office 365 repair 6

You will notice the repair experience is similar to a fresh installation. The amount of time it takes will depend on your connection speed and what the issue is.

Office 365 repair 8

You will see your Office apps light up in their respective colors while the repair completes.

Office 365 repair 9

Once the installation is complete, restart your computer just to be sure and launch your apps and verify if the problem you were having is resolved.