Dr. Griffin Norris

Owner/Dentist Beausejour Dental Centre
Roy always provides us with fantastic and prompt service. He is very professional and knowledgeable and when we acquired his network management he organized things so we have it running efficiently and reliably. Prior to him it was riddled with continual issues and security breaches that he resolved and we feel confident we are well taken care of. And, around the clock attention to our needs should there be an issue. He’s the best!

Dr. Scoville

Sturgeon Creek Dental

I was referred to Finch Computers by a relative after I complained about our previous IT service and how our company and its network of 15 computers was constantly experiencing downtime, delayed updates and lost data. Since switching to Finch computers ten years ago, we have had none of these problems. In fact, after hiring Roy, our system became so trouble-free, we gained the confidence that we could begin to implement, new innovative systems and technologies. Roy provides personal, hand-on service and works around the clock providing hardware maintenance, software updates, security and back-ups. In addition, Roy is friendly, personable and my staff and I love working with him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for IT support. 

Albert Steinbach

President of Prairie HVAC/R

Finch Computers has always been there when we were in need. He is able to provide us with solutions that make sense and fit into our way of doing business. Roy is your guy for building your IT infrastructure to designing and building your website. Roy has been our service provider for 10 years and I can honestly say that he has never let us down. It is hard to find someone you can trust with your IT infrastructure but I would not hesitate for an instant to recommend Roy Finch, he will not let you down!



Curtis Popel

Senior Vice President  - Quality Design Inc.

After trying several different large IT service providers, we discovered Finch Computers. Almost immediately it was apparent that when you are a client of Finch Computers, you are not just a number on an account file. Roy's personal and professional service, goes so far beyond what we had previously experienced that I do not hesitate recommending his services to anyone that asks if I know of a reliable company that offers excellent IT services. We have utilized every aspect of what Finch computers offers, from simple IT support, to network configuration, website development and hardware supply. Roy has even assisted us in making outside equipment purchases that are beyond his responsibility, but because the equipment ties into our network he wants to ensure a seamless fit with all our systems.



Gabriele Vauclair

CFO - Raymond Vauclair Projects Ltd.

Roy is the man… very knowledgeable, accessible, patient and prompt.
He knows how to get it done. Finch Computers is maintaining our
network, hardware and created our website. Whenever there is an
issue, he either is fixing it remotely or if necessary, comes by. Roy has
helped me many times. I recommend his services to everyone!



Janice Morley - Lecomte

HJL Welding & Mechical

Finch Computers has provided my business with IT service for more than ten years. Roy and Finch Computers has provided our business with timely professional service. We have used Roy’s comp any to provide us with new computers, ongoing hardware and software maintenance, and programming services. Roy has been invaluable in helping our company grow as we rely on him for all of our computer requirements. We have tremendous confidence in Roy. He provides around the clock hands-on service which has kept our computers working without interruption. We have given Roy the highest compliment possible by referring him to our business acquaintances, friends and family. He has never let us down.


Howard Demke


YES YES YES! Love my new site. If you want someone who will listen to what you want, get it done fast and professionally...Roy's "The Guy". Fantastic to work with, has all the answers and is always available. Roy CAN and WILL do it all for you. I'm very impressed. Thank you Roy for making my life less stressful. You'll have my recommendation always.



John Mark Wilderspin


Very impressed with Roy's work, my new site looks phenomenal! I was referred by a friend and will definitely refer him to anyone looking for a designer. He is very knowledgeable and completed my site and logo very quickly.



Randy McElhoes


Roy is my go to guy when it comes to any IT issue. He understands my business and he never fails to resolve any issue I have in a timely and efficient manner.”

Dagmawie Theodros Gebru

Very knowledgeable, efficient at what he does, very friendly, and happy to help. I would recommend him to everyone

Byron Heide

Supervisor – Asset Management, National Leasing Group Inc.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Roy for the past 10 years. Over the years his technical experience, attention to detail and ability to communicate has translated into client satisfaction. He is an intelligent and highly motivated person with a positive attitude towards work and is always willing to help.

Chris Kaleta

MPD Glass & Vinyl Graphics

Roy has always offered reliable service. He is the kind of guy that goes above & beyond what you ask of him. Finch Computers has a keen understanding of issues that can arise & will always suggest the best route that suites the clients needs & budget. Roy has helped me many times on a weekend or late into an evening resolving an issue, even beyond what were his “normal” working hours. Through the many times I’ve used Roy’s services over the years, He has earned our trust & we truly consider him a friend & would recommend his services without hesitation.

Brent Best

Asset Manager, Fast Credit & Scorecard Manager, National Leasing

Roy is a trustworthy business partner who puts his client’s needs above his own. He will go the extra mile when needed and make sure a project is done right and on time. The I.T. and Networking knowledge he possesses is top notch and his systems are seemingly bulletproof. I’ve send Roy not only other clients but friends and family as well – He has never disappointed.” 

Blair Mulhall

Connect Hearing Canada

When our company acquired the branch offices that Roy was involved with in Winnipeg as their IT consultant, he proved an invaluable asset and helped us efficiently migrate those branches to our systems.

Peter Gonczy


I have worked with Roy on some joint telecom business ventures and found him to be a very knowledgeable and professional person.

Rob Wittmann

Living in Toronto, I was looking for a dependable go-to company to help with some IT issues a relative was having in Winnipeg. I found Roy to be prompt, reasonable, accessible and patient, and would definitely both use and recommend his services again.